Early Radio - Changing the world

In the Beginning

Hello, I'm Dan Dames the curator of the Roaring Twenties Antique Radio Museum.     The early twenties brought the first mass communication medium in the world, broadcast radio. The Roaring Twenties Antique Radio Museum will feature information on early radio and photos from my personal collection of early 1920's radios, amplifiers, speakers and related items.  These were exciting times in the world and in America.  I  hope you enjoy your visit to my website. Comments and ideas are always welcomed, you can contact me at roaringtwentiesantiqueradios@


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To the right is an early Deforest single tube receiver, the DT-700 built in 1922.

 Lee Deforest invented the Audion tube in 1906, it was the first vacuum tube that was a practical amplification device. The Audion tube  helped make radio broadcasting possible.  

There were many others along with Deforest who's ideas and inventions made radio possible, and information about who they were and their contributions to the invention of radio will be added to the museum in the near future. Well known figures in history like Marconi , Edison and Hertz, but also lesser known people who also contributed to the invention of radio, names like Lodge and Bose. 

Still under construction - More Early Radio coming