Who the heck was nathan stubblefield?

An interesting story

 Born in 1860,  Nathan Stubblefield's research was in "Wireless Telephony" and while his work was not connected directly to radio, I found his story to be very interesting. His accomplishments came well before most others, but sadly his work had limitations and was not commercially viable.  Read more about Nathan by clicking the button at right and let me know if you enjoyed the article.

Tried - But Failed

 While acknowledging the successful inventors , I believe we should also honor those who tried and failed. Because after all, they had the courage to try.


Reginald Fassenden (October 6, 1866 – July 22, 1932)

20 Years Old And Working For Edison

   1886 Reginald Fassenden started to work with Thomas Edison In West Orange, New York.

  1901 he applied for a patent for his concept development of  continuous- wave radio signals, it was issued in 1902.


   It was thought that Lee Deforest was the first to broadcast entertainment in February 1907, but Fassenden had  actually broadcast entertainment on Christmas eve in 1906.


Building Blocks of Radio

Fassenden's work was very important to the creation of radio, find out more about this very interesting inventor and his life by clicking the link below.


Heinrich Rudolf Hertz

German Physicist

 Born February 22, 1857 in Hamburg, Germany,  Heinrich Rudolf Hertz proved the existence of electromagnetic waves.  He was honored by having the unit of frequency,"cycles per second", named "hertz". He died January 1st, 1984.



Lee Deforest


Born  August 26, 1873 in Iowa , Lee Deforest was an inventor  whose  major claim to fame was the invention of the triode vacuum tube, the "Audion".  It was the first practical device for  amplification of electrical signals,  which made radio possible.  A prolific inventor with over 180 patents, his record as a businessman was dreadful  as he squandered his money over and over again.  He died June 30,1961.

Much More To The Story

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