Acknowledgements - My thanks to those who helped me along the road of radio collecting


Leigh Bassett

Leigh Bassett is one of the top experts on Atwater Kent Radios and the man behind the company, Arthur Atwater Kent Sr. Check out Leigh's site for great information and schematics redrawn to modern standards.  Leigh and his site have been a tremendous help to me, thanks Leigh.

Jimmy Edington

Jimmy Edington is another top expert on Atwater Kent Radios and his museum is the best in the country  when it comes to Atwater Kent Radios.  Make sure you check out his site.  Jimmy always comes through with the answers to my questions, thanks Jimmy.

Others who have been a great help with their vast knowledge of Radio

Charles (Chas) Days (very patient and stayed with me through some tough restorations) along with Doug Thomle and Robert Lozier / Rodney Boleyn / Mark Herring  /  Paul Wimmer  /  Joe Woychowski  /  Jim Rozen   /  Art Bilski   /   Ray Pierce   /  David Snow  /   Keith Waters / Cliff Jones / Frank B./ Ray Pierce and many others.