Museum Attractions


The Collection

  Collections of mostly 1920s radios, speakers, amplifiers, detector amplifiers and other related related items from the very beginning of broadcast radio. The collections are presented in slideshow form. There will be a museum sign with information on the radio or other exhibit that follows it , usually 2-4 photos , then the sign for the next item will appear.

Radio Gallery 1

 The Museums collection of radios with photos and information on each one.


Museum Store

  Stop in at the museum store and see what's for sale.  Radios, Tubes and Parts in good working condition.


  Names of others who provided me  with their knowledge and assistance along my journey of collecting radios and links to their websites where possible.  Well known experts among radio enthusiasts like Leigh Bassett, Jimmy Edington and others!!

Related Sources of Information

More websites and reading suggestions to expand your knowledge and enjoy.

More Attractions

The Notables

 Included in this gallery are battery radios from the 1920's that for one reason or another seem to stand out from all the other great radios of that decade.  More additions to come. (under construction, but open)

My AK5

  Read the unique story behind this particular Atwater Kent model 5 radio. 

Odd & Ends

Some interesting gadgets and other radio related items - sneak preview, still under construction.

 The Inventors

  The  Inventors - Those who succeeded and those that failed. (under construction, but open.)

Latest wing added to Museum


Radio Gallery 2

A new wing had to be added as the collection of radios has outgrown the  original gallery.





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The latest collection editions and gallery openings


Battery Radio Tubes Gallery

These are the battery radio tubes of the 1920's

1920's Radio Advertising

Check out this slide show presentation of 20's radio  advertisements.

Other Links/Reading

 Other sites the are well worth visiting.